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Pointing Dog Training:

We are currently accepting deposits for English Setter puppies, sole litter for next year. We ask a $500 deposit for a total puppy price of $1,100. Our Chenango Valley line of English Setter puppies has Bozeanne’s Whiskey River, Grouse Ridge and Tug Hill bloodlines. Sire and dam are on premises and can be shown working, upon request.


Our training outline for developing a well-rounded enthusiastic hunting partner.

The best time to start training your pup is as soon as possible. Here at Chenango Valley Kennels we begin putting birds out for our 10 week old English Setter pups, with amazing results. It’s surprising to see that after two to three times out, the puppies actually start to hunt. It brings a warm feeling to my heart when I see our English Setter pups hunting, and using their noses at this young age. Their eagerness to do this, and with a lovely high head, is the result of good responsible breeding.

More serious training should start from 6 months on. We like to expose young English Setters to birds first, letting them chase. The faster the dog learns they cannot catch the bird, the quicker they will stop to point. We then teach the commands in our “yard training” exercises. Before any serious discipline occurs it is important for the English Setter pup to understand his or her commands and what is expected of them. This is an essential part of their training,  and a “must” before exposure to the electronic collar.

Later on, the next season or two, we can teach “steady to wing and shot” and force retrieving.

Always remember that training is an investment, that it takes time and patience. Its purpose is to avoid problems, ultimately making it pleasurable for you and your bird dog.


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